Have you ever dreamed about building your own motorcycle?


Have you ever dreamed about building it with the newer Harley Twin Cam Engine? 


Have you ever dreamed that it looks great and that it is very comfortable to ride?


Maybe you have never started because you are afraid... Afraid of the amount of work, afraid of the complexity, afraid that the parts that you buy may not fit, afraid that you could not figure out how to assemble these parts, afraid that it may go way over your initial budget, afraid that the result may not be as good as expected, afraid that...

...or may be you have tried and you realized that one or several of the points mentioned above happened and you abandoned your dream along the way.

If any of the above sounds familiar, then it is time to contact us!

We will show you some great pictures of what you can achieve. We will provide you with a lot of options on how to customize you bike and will provide technical assistance to make the best choices according to your taste. We will also help you to pick the parts in assembly order, so that you could either buy all at once, or buy them at you own pace. We will also help you to choose parts we support because we use the same parts to assemble our motorcycles!

Contact us today and start working on your dream project!