Issue when connecting the Harley VCI to the Computer


I purchased the latest VCI (32109-08x), the software (32111-1x) and cable kit (32184-08A). I followed the installation instructions in Section 3 of the user manual on page 14. When I get to step 7- Connect the VCI to Your Computer, I connect the USB cable to the VCI and the computer and… nothing happens. The “Found New Hardware Wizard” doesn’t appear as described in the manual and no other on-screen prompts appear on the screen. The instructions do not say to connect to the motorcycle at this time so I am reluctant to do so based on the VCI “mated for life” consequence. I tried this on three different computers (one XP, one Vista, one Windows 7) with the same result. When I look at the installed programs in Control Panel, I don’t receive a “Drivers Successfully Installed” message from Windows that I usually see when installing a USB device. Am I doing something incorrectly in the installation?

What you did is correct, but from what we know there are two possible reasons you are having this problem:

  • Some Harley models do have two identical connectors. One for the communication bus system and one for accessories. Not sure why they did that, but if you are not connected to the correct connector the VCI will not work, so please refer to the Owner’s manual to make sure.
  • The manual provided with the SW is not the best document that Harley has ever done...
    The VCI is powered by the bike, you need to connect the VCI to the bike and turn the ignition to “on” to get it powered.