Purchase Bike for Export (Private)

If you live overseas and just want to get a standard bike to ride quickly, then you should just go to your closest dealer and buy one ;-).

But if you are like us, looking for a good deal on an original/custom bike deal and don’t mind the extra effort, then you may consider to have it purchased in the United States and shipped to your address. This however will need some effort on your side. Since every country has different rules, you will need to check what it takes in your country to have a bike imported and registered. The overall process will look as follow:



      • Make-up your mind on what type of bike you want to purchase. This should include brand, model and year range.
      • Determine your overall budget and how much money you are ready to spend.
      • Verify with your vehicle registration office what it takes to register a motorcycle and what are the related taxes and fees. For this, it is important to have the model and year of bike identified as the rules have changed over the years. Typically the rules that were in use at the time of the manufacturing are the ones to be satisfied. For example, a model of 1965 may be easy to import since the 1965 rules were not as restrictive as they are now. Also some newer models may be easier to import since they may be more compliant to new rules agreements between countries. Based on these inputs, you may need to refine the model and year of the bike to look for.
      • Verify with the custom office what are the requirements and import fees.
      • Check any other local rules/regulations you may have to satisfy.
      • Estimate the cost of any modifications you may have to do to the bike to make it compliant for inspection (either by yourself or by your local bike shop).
      • If the import still makes sense, then contact us with all the information you have. We also have several partners overseas who could take care of the import and registration process, so let us know if you prefer to use this option.

Holy Moly Custom Cycles:

      • Based on the above information we will provide guidance and shop on the US market to find the bike(s) that are the closest to your wishes and provide corresponding pricing.
      • Work with shippers to provide shipping quotation from where the bike is located to the delivery location of your choice. This quote will include: US internal delivery to port, loading on container, US custom clearance, overseas shipping, port taxes, delivery to your location including any on route taxes. Custom import taxes/fees and other local taxes you may have will not be included and you will need to take care of those on arrival.
      • Transportation insurance is optional. However, we do not accept to ship without insurance unless we have received a signed waiver from our customer. Note that transportation insurance is normally about 1.5% of the insured value.
      • If everything looks good, then you will need to wire the money for the bike purchase and shipping according to quotes. Note that the bike will only be secured after the payment is received.
      • The bike will then be shipped to you and we will provide regular updates.
      • Title, paperwork and bike keys will be sent to you separately.
      • It is important to note that it takes typically 8-10 weeks for the bike to be delivered from the time the payment has been received.


Note: Due to the time it takes to go through this process, you will need to think ahead and anticipate for the right time to proceed. For example, for Europe September-October is the good time to initiate the process. The end of the season in the US is a great time to buy. This will give time to find the bike, have it shipped and ready for spring on the old continent.